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By Michael John Hill, 1994

Michael John Hill




Surrealist Landscape Painter


Michael John Hill lives in Coldean, Sussex in England. His talent and interest in art developed early in life, but his only formal training came during his primary years in school. Considered a self-taught artist, Hill's endless details in his traditional landscapes recall the style of the Old Masters.


He first began exhibiting in London's Green Park off Piccadilly Street just north of Buckingham Palace. Hill continued showing his work in Green Park for 18 years which is where he was first discovered by Marshall Field's London office. The retail giant purchased his paintings and sent them to Chicago, his American career popularity prospered.


Michael arrived in America for the first time in 1993. Michael worked in Chicago, he married and returned to England. In 1998 Michael came back to the US and spent 9 1/2 years working and touring.


Unfortunately on June 2, 2008, Michael had a fall that has left him seriously ill. He has temporarily lost his sight and is no longer painting.


Hill blends the elements of air, water and earth to recapture the early morning mist and sunlight known to England. He contrasts highly detailed trees against foggy backgrounds. The end result is artwork that gracefully depicts serenity and peace. Some have even referred to the meditative quality of his work.


His collectors recommend hanging the paintings at eye level to best enjoy the daily transformation. To the artist, his detailed trees depict people in his life. For example, a cluster of larger and smaller trees may represent a family. Many trees are painted with entwined limbs representing a loving couple. Ultimately, Hill leaves it up to the viewer to draw from their own life and determine meaning in the painting.


He uses a combination of oil and acrylic paint to achieve his signature effects. Careful selection of undertones and canvas add to the painting's atmosphere. The impressions of changing natural light can be seen throughout the day in his artwork.


Personal information:

In 1994, I was very fortunate to meet and work for Mr M.J.Hill as a security agent. Michael John Hill is now one of the very few artist to have a permanent panting in the Queens Gallery. It is also a known fact that he has never done large numbers of the same name. No one picture is the same, unless a copy or print has been prodeced for resell purposes. This particular piece is a genuine one-off. No copies exist.    


This painting of Tranquillity is roughly 55inch by 65inch on a black frame with a gold leaf border.





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