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Land Rover series II

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This stunning Land Rover here on offer is in the memory of that historic machine. This is a series III but with some great detail to replicate the original.

As you can see there is the cookers grill (I will explain in the better words) with the spot light behind. Sitting on leaf springs. It also boasts a canvas roof.

This Landy has had a very good level of restoration. The chassis has had a full oil wax, new doors, door tops, good panels and full respray. The bulk head is very good with the connection section of the floor now being brand new. She has a new exhaust, roof and both rear back seats are brand new too.

The engine has just had a service. And whilst there, several of the hoses were changed. A couple of other items that were working but tired or not necessary were also changed or removed. This is a very tidy and useable Series that looks great. Please; if you have any questions just ask.

The Land Rover was the number one Army work horse during the Suez Canal crises. The model had some small changes made--the grill, spot light and larger tyres, to name just a few. The year would have been 1956 to 66 and that would really have been a Series II.