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Japanese chime stress balls. An item given to me as a gift many years ago. The box is a silk and the balls are a little larger than a golf ball. They are very heavy and when used make a very peaceful chime noise. The correct method is to put both balls in one hand and in a synchronised method move your fingers to rotate the balls. The box has no marks, and the balls are in perfect condition.
Japanese chime stress balls
Here for sale is a genuine and really quite special item. This is an official US Police issue kit bag. This item was given to me personally by a member of SWAT whilst doing some training with my unit. I have taken this bag with me to several locations and it always gets some attention. Please note this is not UK issue bag and therefore is not an offence to own however it does sometimes attract interest. Very tough with baton fasteners with notes maps and assignment compartment. This item has a cupel of small marks as it's over 20 years old but is really in very good condition.
Genuine US Police Issue Kit Bag. (SWAT)
This was a fully working and certificated PROP. It was on a aircraft that was flying and has done many many hours. It is now however clipped and no longer suitable for flight. Originally this prop was a vanished wood, but was then reconditioned and painted. I have thought of putting it back into its wood trim, but it's here on auction currently painted.
Aircraft Propeller   (for display)
A lovely decorative item, I also have a full size set, and these are really more for a desk or table. The balls still make the chime sound and work the same way. The box is covered in silk and is in excellent condition. Thank you for looking and if you have any question please feel free to mail. Chevasco Connections deals with other rear and exotic collectables.
Minature Japanese chime stress balls
This is an original brochure from the British sports car manufacture TVR. These brochures were very rare even when the company was producing cars. There was a cost of £50 for one of these lovely boxed items and you could only buy one with the order of a new car. This item is new and completely unmarked. A fantastic collectors item.
TVR origonal brochure boxed and with price list. very collectable
Here is a great opportunity to collect a very rare and fantastic condition US Navy Altimeter. It can't be completely confirmed from what type aircraft but it can be dated and a location. Pacific Fleet Air Assault 1938 / 1956. This item works and the pointers more correctly. Please not this item can't be used in any other aircraft other than American Registered. We use millibars and hectorbars only the U.S. use inches.
original US Navy Figter / Bomber Altimeter from Pacific fleet
Here is a very lovely small pressure gage from either a fighter or bomber active during the Second World War. This instrument would be for high pressure, engine start up, or even payload brackets. There's no records but often these gages were swapped from one plane to another.
RAF fighter / bomber pressure gage
RAF Fighters and Bombers often shared the same altimeter. Now quite rare to find one with original case and glass. This is a great chance to own and show a piece of british aircraft history.
RAF fighter / bomber altermeter indecator
The tilt and slide instrument is very often disregarded. I personally think it's a fantastic aid and dramatically assists with the smooth executions of manoeuvres. This is a beautiful looking dial that is a great piece of history.
RAF Fighter flight and turn instument
It’s hard enough to find a good P8 compass. It’s almost imposable to find a great one. There for this example is truly outstanding. An item that time has forgotten, a piece of history that possibly can’t be replaced. Here is a P8 that not only dodged being painted but also never got fitted to any war time machinery. But better than that this item is still in its original box.  After gathering some further information it is almost certain that this item is pre Second World War.
P8 Compass. Possibly the only P8 still in its box available anywhere in the world for sale
Here is editions 1,3,4 and 5 of the very rare and even a little controversial fashion and life style magazine launched by LOTUS CARS. Not quite the success there were hoping for and stopped after several complaints reference some rather risky pictures. A fantastic collectors opportunity, books are not new but there is not a single mark as I have had them in a display cabinet.
Rare Lotus Official Fashion And Life Style Magazine
An unopened VIP collectors addition of the Jaguar XK 4.2s brochure. From when the car was first launched, this item was very rare then and is now even more rare. Still in its original protective papers. A fantastic item for a collector or enthusiast.
still in its origonal cover, a limited edition brouchure of the Jaguar XK
I have another set of these in there original box, this set is new but the box is very damage so I will only use for posting. This is the compleat set of books, one cars and pictures the other is the price list. NO BOX
Original TVR Brochures From 2006