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This amazing detailed item was part of a very large private collection. It has been either in a cabinet on show or as a contribution to a highly detailed display. This item is classed as used but is honestly in fantastic condition and is like new. I can't emphasise enough just how detailed this model is. Some have real carpet in the cockpit and I really would like to point out this is most defiantly not a toy for a child but an item for an enthusiast or collector.
1/24 Limited Edition Peterbilt 397 Aniversary 1 Of Only 3970
Here we have one of the smartest HTL models made by the famous French company Solido. This model (ref number 211/305) is in 1/62 scale and is a limited run. It was made to celebrate the end of military service of the utterly beautiful Gazelle Helicopter. The Berliet T12 was a huge machine with 12 wheels. The power unit alone weighed in at nearly 55 tones. This ltd item is almost imposable to find available with the helicopter still with the lorry.
Solido Heavy Transport Lorry, Berliet T12, with Gazelle